Sorry I’ve been neglecting this blog. In fact I neglected it so much that I didn’t even notice that it was redirecting to a really spammy looking torrent site. I let my .com domain expire because I don’t post here very often any more. But you can still access this blog at


For the last few months of my activity on this blog, I was posting pretty much only beer reviews. That’s because I have become increasingly disillusioned and uninterested in politics over the past two years or so. But I have been posting lots and lots of beer reviews over at A lot of you enjoyed the reviews I posted on this blog so if you still want that, go on over to Cult of the Craft for lots more. We even have multiple authors if you get bored with my writing.


I’m still interested in science, music, and beer. And I may one day feel compelled to write about something political. So keep your email subscriptions up to date. I haven’t given up on this blog yet. One of the reasons I stopped writing here was also because reader interaction dropped. I see the numbers saying I still get a lot of views, but without the reader interaction, it didn’t seem real. That’s not to put the blame on you guys though. I can’t get mad at you for being too busy if I’ve been too busy myself.



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One Response to AND WE’RE BACK!

  1. Mom says:

    Never too busy for you Mike!

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